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Informações no FaceBook sobre a Contra Cimeira NATO

Assunto: Upcoming NATO Counter Summit
Dear friends,
Some of you already might know that NATO summit in Lisbon is getting closer and parallel to that summit we, the network ‘No to War – No to NATO’, are organizing a Counter Summit, a public event and actions of civil disobedience and also participating in a demonstration. Those of you who cannot make it to join us in Lisbon are cordially invited to follow our three-day (19-21 November) activities by watching livestream on the internet. Here is the link for livestream:;

Timetable of Events:
Friday, November 19th
International Counter Summit
Saturday, November 20th
Public Event in the City of Lisboa
Anti-NATO-Demonstration in Lisbon
Sunday, November 21st
International Counter Summit

You can get further information on our activities and plans by checking our website:; , you can also watch videos on the preparations of the Anti-NATO Summit 2010 and the new strategical concept of NATO.

I would like to kindly ask you to let us know if you experience any trouble on livestreaming once it comes available on the above shown dates.

We hope to get enormous social support in order to make our voice heard and making the Counter Summit an effective tool in achieving our peaceful goals

Best regards

No to War – No to NATO
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