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Iraque atrasou a compra de 18 F-16 americanos para alimentar a população


Citing Its Food Needs, Iraq Delays Buying Fighter Jets

Rebecca Santana, Associated Press, Monday, February 14, 2011; 12:21PM

Baghdad – Iraq is delaying the purchase of 18 American fighter jets over budget problems and has decided to funnel the money into food for the poor instead, said the Iraqi government spokesman Monday. Iraq, like many Middle Eastern countries in the wake of the uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, is under pressure to demonstrate its commitment to helping its own people. But delaying the purchase also leaves Iraq, which relies on departing American forces to protect its skies, vulnerable. Ali al-Dabbagh told The Associated Press that the Iraqi government would postpone the expected purchase of the F-16 fighter jets and would instead use the money to beef up food rations. The Iraqi government gives food rations to many of its neediest citizens, who complain the rations have gotten smaller. Al-Dabbagh said an initial partial payment of about $1 billion was to be spent this year on the fighter jets, but did not have an exact figure on the total cost of the deal. “We need the money badly this year … to finance other important items,” he said. “We thought that we cannot afford to buy the F-16s.” […]

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