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Contra Cimeira NATO: Intervenção de Shamas Arya


Intervenção de Shamas Arya

1ª. PARTE:


«Dear Friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (Hezbi Hambastagy Afghanistan), section
Europe, I am deeply touched and honored to be invited to such a gathering to give voice to the
suffering people of Afghanistan and share a small part of the grief that million of Afghans suffer.

Afghanistan has only known wars, military invasions, destruction, destitutions and misery over
the past three decades. Today it is once again a battlefield among powers vying for influence
in the heart of Asia. The game masters have continued to create victims, oppressors, victors,
terrorists, peace loving, dictators and monsters – each group changing roles as the rule of the
game changes. Over the past three decades, neither the creators nor the created have changed
but just the roles they play. The same characters were once allies, freedom fighters, democratic
minded and moderates, with time the same characters are enemies, terrorists, fanatics and
downright monsters. Such changes in the rules of the game in the Afghan amphitheatre has
cost hundreds and thousands of lives, dignity and basic human rights.

Lets not forget the disastrous adventurism of the Soviet leadership in late 1970s, which killed
directly and through its installed puppet regime nearly two million people and permanently
maimed another 2 to 4 million people out of an estimated population of about 18 million at the
time. The Soviet invasion and a more than a decade long occupation was the source of miseries
in the subsequent years.

In the past nine years, the occupation forces led by the US make fool of the world by asserting
that they are there to bring peace, democracy and freedom to Afghan people. But in fact it is
nothing other than a cynical excuse for strategic, economic and military interests once again at
the expense of ordinary Afghans.

The US and NATO claim that they are fighting terrorism, but in fact they themselves are
terrorizing our people through their bombings and use of dangerous weapons. Most of the
people they fight today are their own creation and once hailed as the best allies the US can
have. The installed puppet regime is nothing other than a junior lieutenant whose only job is
to follow certain minor instructions. The regimes allies, friends and foes are already defined
and there is little room for dissent from the game master’s official line. Today the best friends
of the US and NATO in Afghanistan are warlords and drug-lords like Abdul Rab Rasul Sayyaf,
Karim Khalili, Qasim Fahim, Dr. Abdullah, Burhanuddin Rabbani, Mohammad Mohaqiq, Atta
Mohammad and many other such murderers and dark-minded individuals and groups, who
have a long history of human rights violations and atrocities against defenseless people of

There are claims of positive changes in Afghanistan since the US/ NATO invasion – lets just
list a few: (1) Afghanistan produces over 90% of world opium and has become a major hub of
international drug mafia activities;

(2) Afghanistan is the 2nd most corrupt country in the world where billions of Dollars of aid are
being looted by the warlords, ministers, national and international NGOs. The foreign troops
themselves are engaged in drug trafficking and corruption which has made the life of ordinary
Afghans bleak and unbearable.

(3) The UN estimates that 7.4 million people or more than a third of the population do not eat
more than one meal a day, another 8.5 million people or 37% of the population are seasonally

(4) malnutrition is the highest in the world; (5) access to education, in particular for women is
the lowest in the world; (6) maternity death rates are the highest in the world; and so on.

On the other hand, however, fancy large castles have sprang up in various parts of the country,
individuals owning private jets, airlines, banks and large properties in different parts of the
world. These are not just any individuals, indeed they are the Empire’s chosen ones. These are
the new faces of democracy and social justice, some of whom were at some point considered

While the game masters choose players and designate the good and the bad and continuously
change functions and stamps of identity, the ordinary Afghans are caught in between and
continue to suffer. The US is not alone in the feast, of course, minor regional lieutenants also
have their share of the feast. The Taliban and the Hekmatyar groups were once created and
heavily supported by the US and its allies but somehow upset the master and the rules of the
game had to change. Iran, Pakistan and some Arab governments have been heavily involved in
supporting and nurturing one or another group. Without the support from Pakistan, Iran and a
number of other countries the Taliban and Hekmatyar groups could not survive that many years
at all.

It is indeed shocking to hear and see that some so-called progressive and even left groups in the
West regard Taliban as anti-imperialist force and see them as “national movements” against
occupation. They forget that the Taliban and Al-Qadea both are reactionary and terrorist
groups created by the US. They have links with international terrorism and are supported by
fundamentalist and fascist regime such as Pakistan and Iran. They do not represent Afghan
people and their war is mainly against our innocent people. Existence of such brutal and
ignorant groups gives a golden opportunity to the US and NATO to hold its grip on Afghanistan

and keep there military bases and presence there as part of the Empire’s long arms strategy.

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, the US has become the solo superpower. To keep her
position, they fight their potential enemies on all grounds, in order to secure its political,
economical, geostrategic and hegemonic interests. The so-called “anti-American” groups in
Afghanistan are needed as a prime excuse for the US to exert control at the heart of Asia.

The so-called new strategy of Obama for Afghanistan and increasing troops have already turned
the Afghan tragedy into disaster. The number of innocent Afghan civilians killed by NATO is
growing. The US talks of “war on terror” but tries to make comfortable bed-fellows with Taliban
and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. The US puppet regime of Hamid Karzai created a so-called “Peace
Council” in order to share power with those savage groups. If they join the government, the
Afghans will be destined to be driven to the dark ages. Such coalition will be like unity of wolves
and vultures who jointly tear our unfortunate nation apart. Indeed the chosen members of
the ‘peace council’ are former friends of the Taliban and ideologically there is no difference
between them. Hence the future state of affairs have already been drafted.

Respected friends,

The US/NATO governments talk about democracy but act principally against democracy and
justice. They waste the tax-payers money and blood of your sons for a war which is neither in
the benefit of Afghans nor Western people. In the past nine years they armed and empowered
the most dangerous reactionary fundamentalist groups in Afghanistan because they know that
only such groups will better serve their interests in Afghanistan. The US/NATO try to block
any options for emergence of progressive and democratic-minded movements in Afghanistan
because such movements will never dance to the tunes of the Empire. They are busy in seeding
ethnic, lingual, religious and regional conflict, which may necessitate the presence of foreign
powers for years to come.

We think neither the US/NATO nor reactionary fundamentalist groups such as Taliban will bring
peace, justice and democracy for Afghanistan. Only Afghan people themselves can liberate
Afghanistan if they are united under the banner of a progressive and independent movement.
We have individuals and small groups working towards this very vital goal. While progressive
and democratic groups are under constant pressure from all sides and are being ignored,
but there are many individuals like Malalai Joya who have committed herself to rise against
occupation and fundamentalism and mobilize poor masses of Afghanistan for a decisive fight
for independence, justice and democracy in our country.

The withdrawal of occupation forces from Afghanistan should be the first step towards

peace and democracy in Afghanistan. If they do not pull out voluntarily, they may face strong
opposition from our people, because Afghans have come to know that these troops are only
making Afghanistan a more dangerous place for them and only a handful of killers and looters
benefit from the presence of such groups.

Our progressive groups working inside Afghanistan face many obstacles and limitations in their
struggle. But despite all the problems and risks, they continue to organize demonstrations
and campaigns among ordinary Afghan people in the cities and villages of Afghanistan. Afghan
people are fed up with the occupation, their puppet regime and the Taliban, so a progressive
message is strongly welcomed and supported by the majority of people. Unfortunately
democratic-minded groups are not supported by any source and they face many challenges and

While the US and European powers play with the fate of our people and support our enemies
and make barriers for advancement of democratic forces, we count on the support and help
of leftist, anti-war, pro-democratic and peace loving individuals and groups in these countries.
We call on you not to forget your comrades in Afghanistan who are risking their lives for a just
cause. We need your solidarity in words and in action.

I salute you for remembering your Afghan comrades and showing your solidarity with them.

Thank you.»

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