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Activistas finlandeses do WRI impedidos de entrar em Portugal


O governo só que r Portugal ocupado pelos senhores da guerra

press release 18.11.2010 at 09.15

Portuguese border guard didn’t allow 35 Finnish peace activists to
enter Portugal early on Thursday morning. The peace activists were
traveling to non-violent counter actions against NATO summit in  Lisbon,
Portugal. Organizer for a bus trip for the Finnish group is  Union of
Conscientious Objectors (Union of  CO’s/Aseistakieltäytyjäliitto) from

Union of CO’s states that the right to demonstrations should belong to
everyone in every situation in all democratic countries. ”Is NATO so
afraid of non-violent demonstrators that they can’t be even  allowed  to
enter the same country?” Union of CO’s asks.

Refusing entry of peaceful demonstrators is again one example of war
alliance’s nature, that does not stand any contemplation. ”By
cooperating with NATO, Finland is part of it’s structures that degrade
democracy and foment violence,” Union of CO’s states. Also
rapprochement of Finland and NATO has been executed without virtual
public debate.

Protests against NATO summit in Lisbon are organized by peace  activists
from Portugal and elsewhere from Europe. The protests  include civil
disobedience, counter-summit and  demonstration.  Counter-summit actions
shall continue yet one day after the NATO  summit ends and the 35 Finns
intend to attend them, traveling to  Lisbon on Sunday.

Press contact:
Union of CO’s – +358-(0)40-8362786

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