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Concentração de protesto ao ataque israelita a navio turco de ajuda humanitária: embaixada de Israel em Lisboa, 17h30


A PAGAN condena veementemente os ataques israelitas a navio turco de ajuda humanitária a Gaza e estará representada na concentração em frente à embaixada de Israel hoje às 17h30

31 de maio de 2010 — Israeli assault boats attacked Mavi Marmara (Blue Marmara), a Turkish ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, in early hours of Monday, and killed at least 2 and injured more than 30 who were aboard. Israeli televisions report 16 deaths while the country’s army gives the figure as 10. DHA reporter Bulut Mülhim has been on the ship since it left the port for Gaza, and he was able to give his last report while the Israeli intervene was taking place. The connection was lost with the ship at the moment of assault boats’ attack…

İHH (Humanitarian Aid Foundation), who is the organiser of the aid, reported the figures as 2 deaths and more than 50 wounded. Turkish Foreign Ministry has condemned the attack saying “Israel will have to bear the consequences of this behaviour.”

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