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Robert Gates promete ajuda militar à Arábia Saudita


Gates promete ayuda armamentista a Arabia Saudita

El Secretario de Defensa Robert Gates se encuentra hoy en Arabia Saudita para llevar a cabo negociaciones que se espera se centren en Irán. El New York Times informa que Gates le aseguró a la familia real saudita que Estados Unidos planea ayudar a Arabia Saudita a adquirir una amplia gama de armas aéreas, navales y misiles. Mientras arribaba a la capital saudita Riyadh, Gates dijo que esperaba que “surgiera” el tema de Irán durante el diálogo.

El Secretario de Defensa dijo: “Bien, tendremos muchos temas que tratar con nuestros amigos y socios sauditas, entre ellos las relaciones entre las Fuerzas Armadas. Así que tenemos muchos puntos que cubrir. Sospecho que surgirá el tema de Irán”.

Democracy Now 11/3/2010

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  1. Marcus permalink
    12/03/2010 1:57

    … Ahmadinejad made it a priority to highlight work between the three nations on the Rigi arrest as a model for counter-terrorism. He also made the most of the opportunity to scold the US over its military presence and hammer home a message that the US is supporting terrorism in the name of the “war on terror”.

    US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates met Afghan President Hamid Karzai in the Afghan capital on Monday and accused Iran of playing a “double game” by supporting Afghan insurgents.

    Trading barbs with Gates, Ahmadinejad zeroed in on Rigi’s Central Intelligence Agency connections – and the fact that he had been at a US military base in Afghanistan 24 hours prior to his arrest. He had also been given a fake passport, a fake “student identification card” and was reportedly on his way to meet a high-ranking US official in Central Asia.

    Iran’s Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said earlier that “the US and Britain and their forces in Afghanistan and Pakistan are encouraging acts of terror in the region”.

    Securing Kabul’s support is important for Iran. Karzai assured his Iranian visitor that Afghanistan would not allow its territory to be used against Iran, reiterating that relations between the two countries over the past nine years had been “solid” and based on “cooperation” and “mutual respect”.

    Learning from history, the West can do much in terms of confidence-building with Iran, by focusing on areas of mutual interest and bracketing the hopeless cause of “proxy war” with Iran that, in Jundallah’s case, appears to have backfired. Although the White House does not admit it, Rigi’s arrest has embarrassed the administration of President Barack Obama by reminding the outside world that the rhetoric of foreign policy change is not matched by a clean break from the addiction of Obama’s predecessor to a covert war with Iran.

    The Abdulmalik Rigi scandal is reminiscent of the Iran-Contra affair, when in October 1984 a Contra supply plane was shot down in Nicaragua and the pilot, Eugene Hasenfus, turned out to have the telephone number of the office of US vice president George H. Bush’s office in his pocket, thus bursting into the open evidence of the illegal US “proxy war” in Central America. This culminated in a subsequent ruling by the International Court of Justice condemning the “unlawful use of force” against tiny Nicaragua. Iran is planning a public trial of Rigi, whose group is responsible for the death and injury of some 450 people, mostly civilians, and the victims’ family may be apt to bring lawsuits against the US in the near future, just as US courts have repeatedly ruled on behalf of US victims of Middle East terrorism attributed to pro-Iran forces.

    in Asia Times

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