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Conferência de Londres sobre o Afeganistão (28/01/2010)


Draft Conference Communiqué

NATO Envisions Many More Years in Afghanistan

By Matthias Gebauer


Heads of NATO member states are fond of talking about when the alliance might begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. But a draft communiqué ahead of the conference in London makes it clear: NATO will stay in the war-torn country for years to come. It may also start paying Taliban fighters to lay down their arms.

Those in political leadership are fond of insinuating that NATO’s mission in Afghanistan may soon be coming to an end. But the reality looks quite a bit different. In a draft copy of the closing statement prepared for the upcoming Afghanistan conference in London — which SPIEGEL ONLINE has obtained — meeting participants underline their “long-term commitment” to Afghanistan and to the military operation there.

Instead of a timeline for withdrawal, the draft statement merely says “over the next few years, the nature of international support should evolve … from direct action to support.” Indeed, for optimists in Germany and other NATO member states, the eight-page paper is full of disappointments. The Afghan army and police forces, for example, are to only take the lead on a “majority of operations in insecure areas of Afghanistan within three years.”

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