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O Prémio Nobel da paz para o Obama


obama premio nobel paz 2009

O presidente dos EUA foi distinguido com o Nobel da Paz no dia em que vai reunir com o conselheiro de guerra, para avaliar a necessidade de reforçar a presença militar americana no Afeganistão. O Nobel deve estar a dar voltas no túmulo.

born to die

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  1. 09/10/2009 20:21

    Obama terá um prémio Nobel da paz, mas para o merecer … terá de ser capaz!!!

  2. myown permalink
    10/10/2009 15:09

    Nasste / Star Says:
    October 9th, 2009 at 11:10 am

    As a sami woman living in Sapmi (northern parts of Scandinavia which are still colonized by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia) I think Obama is a suitable candidate for this prize. Alfred Nobel was not a man of peace and it’s ridiculous that his name shall be associated with peace and good deeds in our days. This is the man who patented dynamite. All his life he was involved in making of bombs and weapons and he and his family became very rich from it too. In his twisted mind he was convinced that the making of large bombs and weapons was good and would keep peoples and nations in peace out of fear from facing total destruction from these new weapons. A really nice and peaceful chap that Alfred Nobel 😉 It looks to me as if the whole idea is peace obtained by terror and fear so I am not the least shocked or outraged by the Nobel-committees decision.

    Best wishes to all the good people out there



    the consolation price oopppsss prize for the olympics

    and the nobel skank price oopppss prize

    vomit not even good enough to wipe my ass on

    totally status quo militarypolitic socio economics

    and dont forget that means the skank “nobel ”

    of the corproate gangs and their asshole “high priest”

    male whores and their high priest professors

    are the overpaid priests of this secular cult.

    They have a vested interest in maintaining its


    More than a century ago, James Fitzjames Stephen, the great Victorian jurist, warned against this pious self-deception:

    Philanthropic pursuits have many indisputable advantages, but it is doubtful whether they can be truly said to humanize or soften the minds of those who are most addicted to them. . . . The grand objection to them all is that people create them for themselves. . . . Benevolence is constantly cultivated by philanthropists at the expense of modesty, truthfulness, and consideration for the rights and feelings of others; for by the very fact that a man devotes himself to conscious efforts to make other people happier and better than they are, he asserts that he knows better than they what are the necessary constituent elements of happiness and goodness. In other words, he sets himself up as their guide and superior. Thomas Szasz

    VOMIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 11/10/2009 16:21

    de Gush-Shalom, Israel:

    Obama has yet to earn it


    President Obama does not yet deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. That he was himself the first to say so does not make it less true.

    On the Israeli-Palestinian track President Obama has on several occasions declared his consideration of the ending of the occupation and the creation of a Palestinian state as an American and world interest – goals to be achieved during his term. The year 2011 was mentioned as target date for the Palestinian state to materialize.

    It is probably also clear to Obama that, to achieve it, more is needed than restrain a bit the settlement expansion. And not even a complete freeze would do the job. In order to bring about the State of Palestine quite a lot of dismantling settlements will have to be done as well. Settlements are the major stumble block for negotiations about other issues to even get started. If Obama rises to really implement his declared intentions and sees through that the free and sovereign state of Palestine signs peace with a free and sovereign state of Israel, and the beginning of good neighbourly relations between them, then he would have fully earned the Nobel Prize.

    Contact: Adam Keller, 054-2340749

  4. 11/10/2009 16:35

    Traduzi de :
    O Presidente Obama ainda não merceu o prémio Nobel da Paz. O facto de ser ele o primeiro a dizê-lo, não torna isso menos verdadeiro.

    No caso israelo-palestiniano o Presidente Obama declarou em muitas ocasiões que considerava o fim da ocupação dos territórios e a criação de um estado palestiniano como do interesse da América e do mundo – metas a serem alcançadas durante o seu mandato. O ano de 2011 foi mencionado como data para o estado palestiniano se materializar.

    Também é claro provavelmente, para Obama, que para o levar a cabo, é preciso fazer mais do que restringir um pouco a expansão dos colonatos.
    Nem sequer um congelamento total seria suficiente. Para viabilizar um estado da Palestina é indispensável que se desmantele muito colonato também. Os colonatos são o maior obstáculo para que as negociações sobre outros assuntos possam começar. Se Obama se puser mesmo a implementar as suas intenções declaradas e consegue promover um estado livre e soberano da Palestina que assine um tratado de paz com um estado livre e soberano de Israel, iniciando-se uma prática de boa vizinhança entre ambos, então ele teria merecido plenamente o prémio Nobel.
    > Contact: Adam Keller, 054-2340749

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