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Military Committee Conference in Lisbon (NATO press release)


Military Committee Conference in Lisbon

Press Release




11/05/06 – NATO
NATO assists Moldova to deal with dangerous chemicals


From the event
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The Military Committee
The New Strategic Concept

11/05/06 – NATO
NATO assists Moldova to deal with dangerous chemicals


Lisbon, 20 September – NATO’s Military Committee today concluded a two-day Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The Conference focused mainly on the operation in Afghanistan and on the New Strategic Concept.

After a welcome from General Luis Vasco Valença Pinto, Portuguese Chief of Defence, the Chairman of the Military Committee, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola and the 28 NATO Chiefs of Defence (CHODS), attended the wreath-laying ceremony at Jéronimos, where they honored the men and women who have lost their lives in the defence of their country and whilst on NATO operations, including those from non-NATO Nations.

With NATO’s operation in Afghanistan as the Alliance first priority, the ISAF Commander, General McChrystal, participated in this conference as well as NATO’s two Strategic Commanders: Admiral Stavridis (Supreme Allied Commander, Operations) and General Abrial (Supreme Allied Commander, Transformation). Admiral Fitzgerald (Commander, Joint Forces Command Naples) and Lieutenant General Stoltz (Commander, Joint Command Lisbon) also attended the conference.

Admiral Stavridis and General McChrystal briefed the Military Committee on the recent Strategic Assessment of the situation in Afghanistan. The 28 Chiefs of Defense reaffirmed their commitment to the mission, and the need to build on the present momentum to reach success over the long term, including a renewed effort in training the Afghan National Security Forces, along with the necessity to increase the military-civilian cooperation, in order to deliver improved security for the Afghan people.

The Chairman and the Chiefs of Defense were then hosted by President of the Portuguese Republic, Prof. Aníbal António Cavaco Silva, who underlined the need for a modern Alliance capable of adapting and transforming, in order to better address the new security challenges. Admiral Di Paola, on his side, praised the contributions made by Portugal to NATO’s operation in Afghanistan, Kosovo and to the counter piracy operation “Ocean Shield”.

The second day was mainly devoted to the analysis of the military intellectual contribution to the development of a new NATO Strategic Concept. In line with the Secretary General’s intention to seek a transparent and consultative process, the Military Committee invited to the discussion Mr. Roger Cohen, editorialist from the New York Times and the International Herald Tribune and Professor Rob De Wijk, from of the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies.

The Military Committee was eventually greeted by the Portuguese Minister of Defense, Prof. Dr. Nuno Severiano Texeira, who praised the CHODS for the efforts their soldiers, airmen and sailors are devoting in NATO operations, and underlined Portugal’s strong continuing military commitment to the Alliance.

During the Conference, the 28 Chiefs of Defence selected, by election, Lieutenant General Jürgen Bornemann (Germany) as the new Director of the International Military Staff, which is the executive agency of the Military Committee. The IMS provides staff support to the Military Committee and is responsible for the preparation of assessments, studies and other papers on NATO military matters. Summer 2010, Bornemann will take over the position currently held by Lieutenant General P.J.M. Godderij (Netherlands).

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  1. Manuel Baptista permalink
    03/10/2009 21:35

    Agora terão à perna mais um grupo, para lhes vigiar as malfeitorias!

    Não que eles se incomodem muito, julgam-se os senhores do mundo!

    Vamos tornar públicas as vossas congeminações!!!!!!!!!!!


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